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The black Sins 'n Lashes eyebrow & eyelash color guarantees an even result in a few minutes. The perfect result impresses with a radiant & intensive coloring for many weeks.

Vegan recipe - 2 in 1

 Colourfast and durable for many weeks

 No staining of the skin

 For coloring all eyelashes and brows

Up to 4 applications

The eyelashes appear longer, the eyebrows are accentuated. The result is a striking color freshness. The application is easy and safe. The vegan Sins 'n Lashes TINT Set gently dyes every hair plant-based in a rich, pure black.

Special features

2 in 1, vegan, high quality

Our LASH & BROW TINT is the perfect set for beautiful & prominent eyelashes & eyebrows. The 2 in 1 set offers the coordinated combination of our color & developer to achieve a radiant and natural result independently. Unlike other manufacturers, we offer the coordinated complete package in our set.


1. Clean eyelashes/eyebrows to remove oil, dust, makeup and so on.

2. Mix the desired amount. Color + Developer the same on a 1 to 1 scale.

3. Apply the finished mixture evenly and cleanly to the eyelashes/eyebrows with the brush. (If the eyelashes are to be colored during eyelash lifting, then apply the color after the fixation)

4. Leave the applied color on for 10 minutes.

5. Now remove the color from the eyelashes/eyebrows.

Warning notices
Rinse eyes immediately if product comes into contact with eyes. Please test the product for skin tolerance 2-3 days before use.


Our products are 100% vegan & free from animal testing

1. 7ML eyelash & eyebrow color in black

2. 5ML Developer

3. 2 brushes

4. Protection - Gloves

What's the best way to store color?
We recommend storing the set in a cool, dry place.

EYELASH & BROW TINT: Peregal, Monoglyceride, White oil, Pure water, 250HHR, EDTA, EVC, Sodium sulphite, Propanediol

DEVELOPER: C16/18 Alcohol, C16/18, Peregal, Monoglyceride, White oil, 8HQ, Essence, Hydrogen peroxide


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